Snow Removal


A.  Equipment


2-3 yd Articulating Loaders


15 ton municipal 10’ plow/salting vehicles.


1 yd 4 WD Backhoe Loaders


7.5 ton dumps 8.5’ plow/ salting vehicles.


1 yd loaders with buckets and plows


28 – 36” commercial snow blowers.


4WD ATV with hydraulic plows.


24” 2 stroke snow blowers.


4WD tractor w/ plows and spreaders


1 ton pickup 8’ plow/ salting vehicles


8’ – 16’ push boxes.


Tri Axles snow relocation vehicles.


B.  Snow Removal Management Team and Personnel

C.   Office Personnel 




Full-time office management support staff.


Senior Management - snow removal operations.




Project Management - snow removal operations.




Supervisory foremen – snow removal operations.




Snow truck drivers.




Heavy equipment operators.




Snow blower operators and laborers.




D.  Service and Maintenance facility

E. Ice Melting Material Inventory


Class A & B Service mechanics.


Tons of salt inventory.


Official PennDot inspection station.


Tons of Calcium Chloride.




Gallons of Liquid Calcium.


F. Greenscape owned Ice Melting Material Stockpiles (available 24/7)

·  2nd/ Girard – Philadelphia, PA
·  Oxford,  PA
·  Glenside, PA
·  Thompson Street -  Philadelphia, PA
·  Montgomeryville, PA
·  Moorestown, NJ
·  Mooresville, PA

Snow Removal Itinerary and Protocol

The following report shall serve to review the guidelines pertaining to the snow service protocol as outlined by Greenscape. A duly authorized property manager is encouraged to contribute any and all input or historical data, which may provide valuable recommendations to enable the successful outcome of snow removal operations.

Topics for review are as follows:

• A pre-construction meeting should be conducted prior to commencement of the winter season.
Suggested attendees should include:

1. Designated managers
2. Assistant Manager
3. Project engineer or head of maintenance staff.
4. Greenscape owner.
5. Greenscape VP of snow removal operations.
6. Greenscape Site Supervisor.

• The projected timing of services will be based upon the expected start and finish times of snowfall. Greenscape will typically commence snow cleaning services upon the accumulation of 1 inch of snowfall should precipitation occur during business hours. Service will continue without a lapse in coverage during business hours to limit the liability for both the owner and the contractor against contributory negligence related to vehicle damage and pedestrian slips and falls.

• At any point before, or during a snow event, property management may request that services be suspended if management has determined service is unnecessary, although Greenscape will request written notification to be forwarded to our offices documenting the cancellation of service.

• Ice melting application will be made to high traffic, icy locations during a snow event to ensure safe vehicular and pedestrian travel. Ice melting materials may also be utilized on a "pre- treatment" basis should sleet, freezing rain or "black ice" be expected, in order to avoid precipitation from adhering to road or walkway services. Ice melting materials will be applied uniformly following the final clearing of snow. A staging may be required, to enable Greenscape to store a sufficient quantity of Rock Salt to service a single snow event, including loading machinery and a salt spreading vehicle.

• Greenscape will make every effort to have all key locations cleared of snow and ice prior to 7am should snowfall occur during business hours.

• Equipment and personnel will be spread evenly throughout the site to ensure there is sufficient coverage at all areas of the site.

• Predesignated high priority areas will be reviewed with management to ensure additional efforts are focused on these locations.

• Greenscape will stay in contact with owner's designated management staff prior, during and after a snow event at management's direction.

• Greenscape will provide snow removal timesheets following each snow storm.

• Greenscape will immediately report any accidents to property management. Property management should immediately report any accidents or recorded liability incidents to Greenscape.

• Greenscape will provide property management with multiple contact information including home and cellular phone numbers of Greenscape management responsible for snow services at the site.

• Property management should provide Greenscape with multiple contact information to enable
Greenscape to reach property management in a timely fashion.

• Greenscape will provide property management with a detailed site map, indicating the locations of the proposed snow piles.

• Greenscape will identify on the site map, locations of all parking lot drains, fire hydrants, handicap parking locations, depressed handicap pedestrian walkways.

• Greenscape will identify existing major macadam and curb damage prior to the onset of the season.

• Greenscape will provide staking services to identify curb fire hydrants and drain locations.

• Greenscape will provide multiple follow-up procedures following each snow event to treat thaw and refreezing as necessary.

• Greenscape will submit to property management an independent weather report noting all pertinent weather conditions during each snow event.

• Greenscape will consult property management to discuss snow relocation, if required.

• Any equipment experiencing breakdown will be clocked out at the time of breakdown.

• Greenscape Site Supervisor will coordinate our services at all times to ensure the highest efficiency of production to minimize the overall cost of the owner.


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