Categories of Services

Landscape Design, Build & Maintenance

GLC designs landscapes by integrating natural elements and individual cultural aspects with established architectural and garden layouts. By factoring in climate, topography and botanical preferences, we deliver a great look with functional maintenance requirements.

Tree Pruning/Tree Removal

GLC maintains your properties’ trees through establishing schedules of mulching, fertilizing, pruning, insect & disease monitoring, removal and irrigation.


GLC designs and constructs ponds and waterfalls with the necessary maintenance space incorporated into the design itself. We take the entire pond environment into account for plant maintenance, plant invasion and extended borders. We design our ponds and waterfalls with easy and efficient maintenance criteria in mind in order for you to keep its beauty year after year.

Site Excavation – Concrete - Drainage

GLC excavates your construction sites and provides concrete and drainage construction. Our team of professionals handles all of the details from start to finish to meet your immediate needs. We provide regular updates on our progress to ensure that we deliver on schedule.

Disaster Response

GLC acts quickly in a disaster to limit the escalation of damage and mitigating its impacts to public and private property. We are a registered FEMA Contractor versed in the rules and regulations of operating disaster relief equipment in emergencies. Established protocols protect the safety of our personnel and the environment.


We design and install systems that are adequate for your site and easily maintainable. We design our irrigation and drainage systems according to the local codes and regulations for your company to remain in compliance with local laws.


GLC designs and constructs paved surfaces in urbanized areas from streets and sidewalks to walls, pools and fountains. We provide the most efficient and practical applications to enhance your site with the proper visual appeal.

Ball Field Construction

GLC designs and constructs ball fields for municipalities and private institutions. We consult with you on the most practical and efficient means to build a field where dreams are made.


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Public Projects

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