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Thank you for making the time to visit our website! Greenscape Landscape Contractor is pleased to inform you of our services.

Greenscape offices are located in Glenside, PA, Morrisville, PA and Moorestown, NJ. Our firm represents a growing number of satisfied clients including commercial, industrial, public entities and residential. Greenscape is well established as a result of our high quality and guaranteed workmanship.

How we do business

imageGetting the job done

Greenscape presently owns and operates an extensive array of trucks, machinery, and specialty tools in order to ensure the completion of all projects in any specified time frame.  We are prepared to meet any reasonable deadline, without fail, which may be required by our clientele.  In addition, any unforeseen occurrences will be handled in a professional and efficient manner. Written notification will be submitted when necessary to maintain documented correspondence during our working relationship.

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Public Projects

Listed are our past public projects and links to them for references.



Equipment and Services


Greenscape owns and operates virtually all equipment available to the industry including specialty items, such as:

Bucket and crane truck, hydro-seeders, backhoes, tractor trailers, tri-axle dumps, tree transplanting spade, turf renovation equipment, tree sprayers, mulch and straw blowers, log loader  grapple trucks.Truck and equipment repairs and preventive maintenance is performed by trained in-house mechanics to ensure optimal performance and safety.  Greenscape is a PA Certified motor vehicle inspection station.

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